My Summer Goals: how are things now?

My Summer Goals: how are things now?

My summer goals: how are things now?

The Summer holidays are almost come to an end. It was a different kind of summer than I had thought of before. It was a regular bad weather and I have experienced it differently somehow.

On 13th July I published “5 Things I will do This Summer.” where I wrote about the five goals I had set for these weeks. How are things now? What did I achieve and what not?

Blogging. I wrote a lot of articles ahead. I love to do that so that I have enough to publish in busy times. I was thinking about new subjects or to improve my articles and photography.

Exploring Amsterdam. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to Amsterdam. I was too busy with my book. But I miss Amsterdam a lot and I am worrying about the fact that I ‘miss’ so much there. So I hope I can visit the city during a sunny day in fall.

Holiday. In a few weeks we will go on holiday. I am very excited about it! We will travel to Alicante and Nice and we have booked other hotels then last year.  I am looking forward to explore two of my favorite cities again!

Writing. I worked many hours on my book and I am satisfied enough at this moment. I am rereading the story a lot because I don’t know exactly how the story will end. I have many ideas, but sometimes I get inspiration when I am reading my own story. I hope I can finish the first draft before the end of this year. Fingers crossed!

Enjoying. I enjoyed the summer days we’ve had. Bike riding, terraces, shopping sprees. The weather was not so really good. It is a bad summer, but the days which were glorious, we enjoyed a lot!

How was your Summer?

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  1. Je hebt een groot deel van je doelen bereikt! Mooi! En straks lekker genieten op vakantie.

    Mijn zomer is heel anders verlopen dan geplanned maar misschien ook wel goed. Even een pas op de plaats gemaakt.

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