My Favorite Kind of Shoes

My Favorite Kind of Shoes


My Favorite Kind of Shoes

In my teenage years, I had not so many shoes as now. Most of the year I wore my All Stars or other sneakers styled with my favorite Levi’s 501 jeans. I can’t imagine that I almost never bought new shoes then:) If you open my closet now, you see many kinds of shoes and I really love to buy them now 🙂 In this blog post I will share my favorite kind shoes for the new Spring and Summer season.


I am crazy about espadrilles and wear them almost every day during Summer. They are easy to mix with jeans, shorts, skirts or dresses. Wear them in the casual or chic way when you hang out on the boulevard in the evening or to work.

My Favorite Kind of Shoes



Last year I rediscovered sneakers again and I bought the Adidas Superstars and wear them often. My new favorites are these from Michael Kors. I love the pink color :). Easy to mix with shorts or a jeans.

My Favorite Kind of Shoes


When I saw these Clarks boots, it was love at first sight 🙂 I love the style and the color and would wear them with cropped jeans and a blazer.

My Favorite Kind of Shoes


My Favorite Kind of Shoes

All time favorites; the ballerinas! Strolling through the Parisian streets in a stylish way!

What’s your favorite pair of shoes for the new season?


Are you looking for more shoe inspiration? Check out the site of  MooieSchoenen.

Shoe photos: @MooieSchoenen

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