My Daily Writing Routine

My Daily Writing Routine

My Daily Writing Routine

Besides my writings, I also have a full time job which means I only have the weekends and on Friday my spare time to write. During the week, I try to take notes and do research so much as possible so that I can get started with writing when I have my day off. But what’s my daily writing routine?

Earlier I wrote about my writing passion. Writing isn’t easy, but what I like about writing is that I can lose myself in the world that I’ve created. At that moment I live the life of my main character. It’s so interesting to be in the shoes of that character. In the book that I am writing now, the main character moves to Paris. Who does not? For a couple of hours, I am in Paris and pass through everything what the city has to offer, in the positive or negative way. But that’s life and that’s why writing is one of the finest things to do for me. I write 500-1000 words at a time. I don’t know if it is enough. But the satisfaction about what I have written is the more important for me at that moment.

How does my writing day look like?

I always get up early, at 7:30 am. I like to have a long day. Sometimes I go for a morning run to clear my head. During breakfast (yoghurt with blueberries and oatmeal and black coffee) I read blogs and post a few things on social media. Then it’s 8:30 am and I read my notes (which are sometimes very chaotic) and start with writing. I wrote about my writing place earlier. Sometimes I read a couple of chapters of my manuscript so I “go back” in the story. I write 1.5 hours and then I cycle to the grocery store to buy my lunch.

I think it is important to insert breaks during the writing in order to stay focused. Sometimes I write with music on and sometimes I enjoy the silence around me. It depends on the piece that I’m writing.

At 10.45 am I continue with my book to approximately 12.15 pm and then it’s time to enjoy a delicious lunch. When the weather is good, I lunch in the garden where I enjoy the sunshine and just relax for a while. Otherwise I watch a recorded program or serie. After lunch, I do some household chores (not my favorite thing, but necessary:)) and then I write until approximately 15:30 pm. When I have closed my laptop, I do a little bit research. I read blogs, scroll through my photos, check my notes, read magazines and especially Pinterest is for me a great source of inspiration.

This is a kind of day when I have  enough inspiration and no writers block.

How does your writing day look like?


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  1. It really is Patricia! I think it is good to have a good breakfast for the energy!
    I hope I can finish my book next year :), that's my goal for 2016 and then looking for a publisher…I hope I will succeed!
    What are you writing?

  2. I like to have a routine,i used to,now my routine is gone for a toss…hoping to get in the groove from Sept. …long time my friend,kinda missed you but i can get to you anytime,thanks to your blog,we meet here 🙂 hope you have a beautiful day Darina,all the best with your work sweet one.

  3. I am so sorry to read that @Seema! I hope you will find your routine soon! I missed you too, I hope everything is ok. And luckily we have our blogs to meet! Have a nice day! xx

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