My Birthday With a Personal Story


My Birthday With a Personal Story

My Birthday with a personal story

Today I celebrate my 38th (!) birthday and I this is the moment to start with some reflection on myself: my birthday with a personal story.

What did I learned all these years and what are my dreams?

A short biography

In my teenage years, I was a shy girl who had “problems” with the start of the adolescent years. It was not easy for me (and my parents 🙂 but now I think these years were very instructive. They made what I am now! Sometimes I reminiscence of  that girl with glasses and a plump figure who didn’t  stand up for herself. In these years, the diary of Anne Frank, was the most important book for me. I re-readed it many times, visited the Secret Annex in Amsterdam and get courage from the words of a thirteen year old girl who was into hiding.

An important book

This diary was my bible at the hard moments during these years. I kept a diary myself and wrote about my feelings every day.

The diary of Anne Frank was also the founder of my passion for writing. I wrote the book “The Night that Changes her life”, and put it in the closet. Many years later, I dusted it off and participated in a writing competition.

I won.

These adolescent years were not easy.  School was difficult, but I graduated. After high school I started my education at a secretary school and now I am very happy with this job where I get a lot of satisfaction! In 2009, I married with John. We love to go on holidays, days out to Amsterdam, The Hague or Maastricht, watching series (Midsummer Murders and Poirot are favorite!) or to restyle our home!

The future

Writing is a very important thing in my life. Two years ago, I started a blog. I read many blogs at that moment and I wanted to do it myself. My first blog was a Blogspot blog and this year I made the decision to make a change to a “real” website. I love to make photographs, to improve it and to write about my passions. Fashion, Paris, Travels and all the beautiful things which come my way. That’s why I use the slogan: Where the writer’s pen will travel to…

Where the writer’s pen will travel to…

What are your dreams, people ask me sometimes? I’m a great believer to pursue dreams. I would like to improve my website. My mission is to give my readers a very pleasant time and to inspire them. This site is a very important part of my life besides of writing my book. I hope to finish the first draft this year!

“I’m a great believer to pursue dreams.”

I’m working on losing weight at this moment. Eight years ago I lost  25 kilos but unfortunately I put on weight again :). I’m very serious about changing my lifestyle now. Healthy food, exercising, especially lots of walking and strength exercises. I feel that it will succeed again and I will be happy again with my body!

I have more dreams. I would like to live in Paris for a while. Two weeks for example (more is not possible because of my current job) to have enough time to life the real “Parisian life”. To live in a Parisian apartment with heigh ceilings, herringbone floors, white walls, a little balcony with a view on the Eiffel Tower. It’s the same dream with Nice and Alicante, the cities I visited in September. To write in these cities, to life that local life…I hope I can make it happen one day!

A fashion dream

A fashion dream! I know it is impossible (maybe!), but you have to have dreams, right? I would like to attend a Chanel Fashion Show in Paris…and to make photos and to meet Karl Lagerfeld. Yes… now I have said it!! And after the show I would like to visit the apartment of Coco Chanel at 31 Rue Cambon. I fantasize about it and I hope one day….. 🙂

Feeling blessed

I feel blessed. I am healthy, my family is healthy. I feel blessed to get chances and have to possibility to take them! I feel blessed that I can make the journeys I want to make. I feel blessed to have an home and a job. I feel blessed with my dear family and friends around me.

I feel blessed to celebrate my birthday today…

And now it’s time to to cut the cake, which is baked my mom and enjoy this special day!!

Thank you for everything dear readers!

xx Darina

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9 reacties

  1. Happy birthday to youuu! Geniet van deze mooie dag. 🙂 Vind het leuk om zo meer over je te lezen. Maar jet ‘Feeling Blessed’ stukje vind ik nog het mooiste. Geniet van al deze prachtige dingen Darina!

  2. Such a lovely blogpost this!

    I wish you all the best on this day.

    I know a woman who is’t sure she’ll make her next birthday. The previous one was so strange for her to celebrate…. “What if I don’t make the next one?”
    She is still young and has a child as old as my oldest…
    Sometimes we really should remember to feel blessed!

    Happy Birthday!
    Ilse van Kreanimo recently posted…Toegeven dat ik het niet alleen kan en hulp zoekenMy Profile

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