Parisienne Diary | Most Photogenic Places of Paris

Parisienne Diary | Most Photogenic Places of Paris

The Parisienne Diary is a fictional person. You can read here more information about the Parisienne Diary stories.

Parisienne Diary | Most Photogenic Places of Paris

Last Sunday, the temperature was wonderful in Paris. I almost got Spring feelings :). The sky was blue, the sun shone exuberantly. The terraces were full of cheerful people. Yes, it was really great!
I decided to go for a walk, to make photos of “my” Paris and to give you tips for the most photogenic places of Paris.

Let’s take the camera and go!

My Top 10

Eiffel Tower

How can the Eiffel Tower miss in the list? It’s the hotspot of Paris and I love it! It’s a long time ago, I was on the top to make these photos. It was very windy and cold, but I could not get enough of the stunning view. To admire the other hotspots from a.. .height! And then I knew that I made the right decision to go to Paris and fulfill my dreams!

From the banks of the Seine

A nice walk along the banks of the Seine. To have a picnic during warm days…to admire Paris from another perspective!


Parisienne Diary | Most Photogenic Places of Paris

The metro

I always travel by metro. The most beautiful Parisian metro stations are: Abbesses (“Montmartre”), Porte Dauphine (art nouveau style), Gare Auber, Charles de Gaulle-Etoile (under the Arc de Triomphe).


Parisienne Diary | Most Photogenic Places of Paris


View from the Sacre Coeur

I love the Montmartre area and especially the view from the Sacre Coeur hill. It’s very touristic, I know, but this church has a big attraction to me. To sit on the stairs and admire the view on Paris…


Montmartre during early mornings….stroll around to feel the history of this old part of Paris. It feels like a village, with old houses and streets. The best streets to photograph are The Dalida Plaza with a wonderful view on the Sacre Coeur, Le Lapin Agile, beautiful street with no crowds and behind the Sacre Coeur, less touristic and amazing sunset views!

Parisienne Diary | Most Photogenic Places of Paris


Pont Alexander III

The Pont Alexander bridge is one of the most elegant bridges of Paris in my opinion. I love to make photos here to capture this elegant style which reflects the city.


Parisienne Diary | Most Photogenic Places of Paris

Rue Mouffetard

This pedestrianised street, which Parisians call “la Mouffe”, is one of the oldest and picturesque streets of Paris, there has been a road here since the Romans were in town, 2000 years ago and it is home to a beautiful street market. Rue Mouffetard has a medieval character and is loved by Parisians as much as by tourists. I love to do my grocery shopping here sometimes, when I have something special.

Parisienne Diary | Most Photogenic Places of Paris

From Bir-Hakeim bridge

Photographing from this bridge gives an unique style to your photos. Photographing from this bridge gives you wonderful compositional opportunities. And you have an incredible view on the Eiffel Tower. Did you knew that Gustav Eiffel built this bridge?

From the roof of Tour Montparnasse

I love to stroll around the Montparnasse area. In this area you’ll find “Café de la Rotonde”, known by Ernest Hemingway. If you love the 1920s then you have to visit Montparnasse. I will tell about it later in this diary! Admiring Paris from a 225m height of this tower gives you amazing photograph opportunities.


Parisienne Diary | Most Photogenic Places of Paris
View from the Sacre Coeur with Tour Montparnasse in the centre

Luxembourg Gardens


The Luxembourg Gardens are one of my favorite parks in Paris. When I need some relaxation, you can find me here! I love to take a book and sit down and when I do not read, I watch people go by. When you are in this park, you don’t have the feeling that your are in a big city. And I love the famous green seats!

It was tired when I came home, but very satisfied. It was lovely to have the time to enjoy Paris and do something else on Sunday then I usually do!

What’s your most photogenic place of Paris? I am looking forward to discover more, so tell me in the comments below!

Have a nice weekend.

Bisous, Claudia

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