Menton – Village of Lemons

Menton - Village of Lemons

Menton – Village of Lemons

Tomorrow, the 83e “Fete du Citron”  will start in Menton, in the South of France. Last year, I wrote this article about this Lemon Festival. Each year, there is another theme. This year it is “Cinecitta”.

More than 300 professionals work on this project and 145 tons of citrus fruits are used and the row of designs are up to 10 meters tall!

Menton is known as the citrus fruits village. The color of the houses, the citrus trees in the streets…it’s a lovely place to spend your holiday. Menton has 316 days of sunshine a year. I can only dream of it now 🙂

Menton - Village of Lemons
Copyright: Office du Tourisme Menton

Exploring the city

I’ve visited Menton in September last year for one day, when my husband and I spend our holiday at the Cote d’Azur. We took the train and strolled in ten minutes to the centre. We have been here more often so we knew the way. We enjoyed a drink at Place Georges Clemenceau, a square with many terraces and surrounded by trees.

La rue Pietonne et les Marches is the most important street in Menton. It’s filled with boutiques and restaurants. At the end you’ll find the garden of Campanin and the sea.

After the refreshment on the lovely shady terrace, we strolled to the Vieille Ville, which is very charming and sometimes it seems the time has stood still. Everywhere you look, you see the citrus fruits. We tasted a waffle with lemon juice from Menton, this was the most delicious waffle I ever tasted! You can find a boutique, Au Pays du Citron, 24 rue Saint-Michel, where you can buy productes which are produced with the lemons from Menton. I can highly recommend the limoncello!

We walked back along the sea. The weather had changed. Cloudy, windy. Time to go back to the train station. The train journey laid you along the coast with her beautiful views, never a dull moment!

Have you ever been in Menton?

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  1. Jazeker ben ik weleens in Menton geweest. Ik verbleef er voor een dag of 10 op een very basic, maar zeer fijne camping. Buiten het hoogseizoen is het er heerlijk toeven. Leuk om daar vandaan een wandelingetje te maken naar Italië, de pizza's smaken er fantastisch, het stadje is gezellig en je kunt zomaar het hele strand voor jezelf hebben!
    Je leest het, ik houd wel van Menton!

  2. Leuk dat je ook in Menton bent geweest! Wij zijn ook vanuit Menton naar San Remo gegaan voor 1 dag, geweldige pizza gegeten daar! Menton is zeker een heerlijk dorp om lekker tot rust te komen en te genieten.

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