Meditation by the Sea

Meditation by the Sea


Meditation by the sea

The sea and the beach…from the first time I went to the beach and swam in the sea, I was happy. The sea makes me calm. I love to make long walks, whether it is summer or winter.

The sea is unique every moment of the day. There is always sound and motion, which I always compare with life. The sea is fascinating. When I’m at sea, I think about everything. The soothing sound of the roar of the sea. The vastness of this nature. The sea air. I’m always relaxed when I make a day trip to the sea.

“I look my best when I’m totally free, on holiday, walking on the beach.” Rosamund Pike

Meditation by the Sea

Mind fullness

I have been in many countries which borders at the sea. In Holland of course, where I live, but then in the south of France, Italy, Tunisia, Turkey, Israel and Lanzarote. At Lanzarote, I went almost every morning to the “abandoned” beach outside the resort. It was a small bay with large rocks and a small sandy beach. Often I sat down on a stone and enjoy the sound of the sea and stared into the distance to the horizon.

Meditation by the Sea

During these early mornings, I loved to listen to the sounds of the birds and the sea. I was alone but didn’t feel alone at all. It was lovely to have a moment for myself and to think. Thinking about things in life. ..I never meditate, but at this moment I tried to switch off all thoughts and to recharge myself.


Meditation by the Sea

In this time of stress, planning and hurry, I love to do things which recharge me. There is always something that “should” and frankly, I sometimes bring best effort there. I do not like too much planning. I’m more of the spontaneous moment. Sometimes schedules give me a nervous and feeling trapped. And why would you all have plans?

Meditation by the Sea

Learn to say “no”

The hardest thing there is. Saying “no”. But it is a very important thing to create more rest in your life. Before, I never said “no” and so I maneuvered myself in difficult situations. Now I notice that it feels better and goes better then before. I always thought that saying ‘no’ was something negative . But it isn’t!

 How do you like to relax? And do you say often “no”?

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  1. Beautiful post and photos. I love being by the sea too! It is so restful!
    I am really bad at saying No, as I am worried that I will offend people, but it’s something I need to learn as I take on too much and then get stressed!
    Julia x

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