Keeping Up Writing on Holiday

Keeping Up Writing on Holiday

Keeping up writing on holiday

A personal note from me today about keeping up writing on holiday. I love to go on holiday! But how do I combine this with writing? The daily routine is so different when I am on holiday, then my everyday life at home, I have so much time more to work on my story.

I write better when I’m not too much distracted. Distracted in the way of: I must do this or that. That’s what happened often when you are at home and that’s something what you can not avoid. That’s why I plan my writing days. I don’t love to plan too much in my life but this is an exception. Writing a book is something which I need a routine to stay connected with the story and the characters.

On holiday I prefer to write during the early morning when the sun rises. When the hotel room has a balcony, I prefer to sit there and write a couple of sentences or I make notes which I work out at home. It’s the silence of the early morning which I prefer the most. My thoughts are fresh of a good night sleep. The thought of a brand new day of new discoveries and adventures, get me inspired. And it gives me peace.

When we go on an excursion or my husband and I go out together, I always carry my notebook with me. I love to write down what I see, new hotspot addresses (to share with you later on this blog:)) and it happens that I get inspiration for my story. It’s important to write it down immediately, before you forget!

Tips for writing on holiday

  1. Don’t forget to pack your notebook and your notes about your book.
  2. Find a perfect place to write on holiday. A café, at the beach, in your hotel room….
  3. If you are not travelling alone, speak with your traveling companion how much time you’ll spend on writing.
  4. Leave the writing for a few days. But do not forget to bring your notebook to excursions etc. Inspiration can appear anywhere!
  5. Talk about your story with your travel companion at a terrace. It can give new insights for your story. And it’s nice to talk about your project!
  6. Travel to the place where the story takes place. Write down the details, make pictures…create the story when you are at that place!

Do you have tips for writing on holiday? Tell me in the comments below.


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  1. Hoi
    Net je blog ontdekt door de facebookgroep Bloggers Unite NL 🙂
    Wat leuk om te zien dat er nog mensen zijn die schrijven over schrijven 😉
    Ik ga meteen kijken naar heel wat andere posts van je, je blog lijkt echt een leuke.
    Zou je het oké vinden dat ik je vermeld op mijn blog?

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