Interior Wishlist: It’s all About Gold

Interior Wishlist: It's all About Gold

Interior Wishlist: It’s all About Gold

Last year, my husband and I renovated our living room and because we couldn’t sell the table and the closet, we decided to put these in my new study. Now, a year later, it’s time to add some new items and so I created my interior wishlist: it’s all about gold!

I never loved gold in my interior and I will never put it in our living room. But it will fit in my study because the furniture is cherry wood and has a very warm appearance.

I love to create “corners” in my study with items. Now I have books and some bags, but I want something else. I will create a corner with the soap dispenser (which I will fill with my day creme :)), the perfume bottle, the mirror and the ananas on the golden tray. I will put some perfume bottles, the candle and white roses around it. Next to this “still life” I would put the ananas lamp. I am so in love with this lamp! In my study, I also have a little chair from Potiron Paris and there I will put the cushion.


Interior Wishlist: It's all About Gold
Ananas Lamp: Modemusthaves, rest: H&M Home, @Copyright photos: Modemusthaves and H&M


Do you love golden accents in your interior?

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