Instagram Photo Diary May

Welcome to a new edition of Instagram Photo Diary May! How does my life looked like besides working and blogging this month? On Instagram I share my favorite places, home inspiration, fashion inspiration, nature, everything what inspires me!

Instagram Photo Diary May




✒ At the beginning of May, the sun was shining, the temperatures were higher, so we made a beautiful bikeride ✒ How to Be Parisian is one of my favorite books at the moment! I love to read about the Parisian lessons! ✒ Parisian balconies, I can’t get enough of them! ✒ And that’s the same with balconies in Amsterdam, I just love them! ✒ Bougainvillea, one of my favorite flowers, it gives me a Summer feeling! (and I am longing for Summer!) ✒ Detail of the blossom trees ✒ I discovered the mango passion juice at Starbucks ✒ My new H&M sandals, do you like them? ✒ A detail of my work place. I love the Parisian wallpaper!

Instagram Photo Diary May

✒ Wonderful dress when I visited the Van Loon Museum with the exhibition of wonderful dresses of this fashionable family ✒ I also visited an Ibiza market, but it was a real disappointment ✒ Pizza! ✒ Red roses, I love to make pictures of flowers ✒ Interior inspiration at the garden center. I love to go there to get some new ideas for our new living room! ✒ Paris essentials with my new byLouLou clutch ✒ An awesome Dior bag, I am dreaming :)✒ Lupicia Tea, I bought this in Rue Bonaparte in Paris. It tastes very good. The next time I will buy more tea at this lovely shop ✒ Detail of the table in our living room. A book about Provence Interiors, Living in Amsterdam and Chanel, the Legend with a DIY Chanel vase and white roses.

How was your month?


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Darina Nykl


  1. Mmm die Mango Passion van Starbucks! Ik was er ook heel laat achter gekomen, maar vind ze erg lekker. Je nieuwe teenslippertjes zijn inderdaad erg leuk.

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