Instagram Photo Diary May 2017

Instagram Photo Diary 1024x576 - Instagram Photo Diary May 2017

Instagram Photo Diary May 2017

Welcome to a new edition of Instagram Photo Diary May! How does my life looked like besides working and blogging this month? On Instagram I share my favourite places, home inspiration, fashion inspiration and nature. Everything what inspires me!

This month was marked by our citytrip to Nice and day offs which I really enjoyed after a very busy time.

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My first day of my 10 days holiday started in Amsterdam. Each time that I visit the city, I really enjoy the canals strolls. I love the houses and the narrow streets. At each corner, I discover something new.

on instagram 2 2 972x1024 - Instagram Photo Diary May 2017

From left to right: The first outfit, my favorite, I wore in Nice. Ballerina’s, jeans, stripes and my Michael Kors bag / The bag which is on my wish list! / Espadrilles are my favorite summer shoes / Flatlay of my beauty essentials of Clinique, Chanel and l’Occitane / French outfit 🙂 / Top 10 French Wardrobe Essentials inspiration

on instagram 3 2 1024x973 - Instagram Photo Diary May 2017

The holiday I was looking forward to for months! It is now two weeks ago, but I look back almost every day to these five days in the South of France….

on instagram 4 2 1024x989 - Instagram Photo Diary May 2017

Regularly on my Instagram: food! From left to right: French breakfast in Nice before we headed to Monaco / I enjoyed the cappuccino and the croissants each morning / Orangina is my favorite soda in France / Strawberries! / Steak tartare, all time favorite/ Tarte Tropezienne, my favorite French pastry.

How was your month?


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