Instagram Photo Diary December

Instagram Photo Diary December

Welcome to a new edition of Instagram Photo Diary December! How does my life looked like besides working and blogging this month? On Instagram I share my favourite places, home inspiration, fashion inspiration and nature. Everything what inspires me!

December has flown by this year! It was a busy but lovely month with Christmas markets, shopping sessions for gifts under the tree and gluhwein :). We spend a day with my parents at Castle Middachten (not far from Arnhem). It was a lovely day and now it’s time to concentrate us for New Year’s Eve…do you have good intentions for 2017? Here you can read mine.

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I dreamt about living in Paris / A quote which I hope everyone will do: Collect Moments, not Things! / My new camel coat and scarf / Rotterdam with Christmas lights / What will you wear this Christmas? This dress is stunning, isn’t it?

collage2 1 1024x514 - Instagram Photo Diary December

I visited the Exhibition “To Audrey With Love” where I’ve seen beautiful creations of fashion designer Givenchy. It was wonderful to photograph these beautiful dresses and to know more about the life of Audrey Hepburn!

collage1 1 1024x616 - Instagram Photo Diary December

What I loved to do this year, was admiring and photographing the window displays of department store, de Bijenkorf. I’ve seen these wonderful window displays in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. Lovely!

collage1 2 1024x915 - Instagram Photo Diary December

As I said before, we visited Castle Middachten last Saturday. It was a pity that it was prohibited to make photos inside. I love the Castle interiors very much.

How was your month?

pinit fg en rect red 28 - Instagram Photo Diary December

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