I am Back! With a New Look!


I am Back! With a New Look!

Yes, I’m back with a new look!

The last weeks I have taken a little blog break. And I noticed that I really needed some time without thinking about writing articles for my blog and maybe create a new look. I needed some time free. I am blogging since September 2014 and this was the start of an incredible journey. I learned so much about blogging, SEO, use of Social Media, writing posts and so many more. I started my blog at Blogger to learn everything about blogging and the “technical” side of a blog. And then came the day that I wanted to re new my blog. I wanted more… and this is the result…my own domain…a new website...a new look!

What can you expect?

I have re-scheduled my blogposts. I want to write better content then I did before (in my opinion :)). I will publish two blog posts a week at least but it can vary, because I would like to have a flexible schedule. One thing I learned during my blog break was that I need some freedom when I will publish a post. I know you “have to” publish x time a week for the statistics, but what I said before, I would like to write better content and make your time on this site very pleasant and informative!

I will write posts about my travels and write more about Paris, because I love that city so much and this city gives me so much inspiration and possibilities which inspired me to write a new section called “Parisienne Diary”. I will also publish book reviews,  and a diary through Instagram photos to give you a glimpse into my writer’s life. I will also write about interior, brocante and vintage, because I have developed a huge love for things with a (hi)story!

So I hope you will have a great time on my new site! I like to get in touch with my readers so if you have any questions, comments or do you have an idea, you can always contact me: darinanykl{@}gmail{dot}com.


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    1. Dank je Hilde! Zo’n blogbreak is wel een aanrader vind ik. Ik kreeg vanzelf weer nieuwe ideeen en inspiratie. En van Blogger naar WordPress is ook een goed idee heb ik gemerkt 🙂 Ik kijk ook weer uit naar jouw postjes, las ze altijd graag!

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