How To Start Writing Your Book

How To Start Writing Your Book


How to start writing your book?

Writing a book is such an huge project that it is important to stay focused and have a plan. I have made a roadmap that helps me a lot that I like to share with you. So how to start writing your book?


First of all, you need to have an idea. Something or someone that inspired you to think: I can write a story or book about. That can be a photo, a conversation, movie, another book, an holiday…Write the idea up in your notebook. Allow yourself time to reflect, let the idea “live”, take notes and when you have collected enough information, start then with step 2.


Research is a very important part of your writing. When your story takes place in another century it is important to know how people lived, how they dressed, talked and how the world looked like. For example, in the 30’s you hadn’t big supermarkets, but little groceries. The mistakes are easily made, so do proper research and ask experts when you are uncertain about something.


For whom are you going to write the book? For children, young adults, students, adults? It is important to define your audience in relation to the subject and your word choice. This is also important for later, when your manuscript is finished and you would like to send it to a publisher. Each publisher is specialized in a particular genre.


The issue is actually related to the audience for whom you are writing. What genre will you write? Novel, informative, chicklit, crimes, history, fiction, non-fiction …


For example, the book that I am writing now, takes place in three cities (Amsterdam, Paris and Nice). I have visited these cities many times to know where I am writing about and to look by myself how people are living there. When you have the opportunity, visit the location where the story will take place. You can plan your holiday to the story location and live like a local to stay very close to your story.


The characters are very important, they “tell” the story. Earlier I wrote about creating a charactermap. This tool is very clear and easy to use. Try it, you will see that it will help you during the writing process.

Writing space

It’s important that people do not disturb you when you are writing. Sometimes it is lonely, but I have written about my writing spaces here (being alone during writing) and here (where do I write?).

Writing schedule

When you have a busy life or a full time job beside your writing, it is important to make a “writing” plan. Take your calendar and put crosses through days when you have the possibility to write. It is essential to write regularly to stay connected with your story and to avoid a writer’s block.

I hope this will be helpful for you.

Do you have tips for starting writing? Please share them below in the comments.





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  1. Leuke tips, Darina! Ik hoop dat je boek al lekker vordert. Nog een tip: om tijd te nemen voor creativiteit spreek ik eens in de zoveel tijd af met twee anderen die ook creatief bezig zijn. Of het nu een boek, blog of ander project is; door elkaar erover te vertellen en feedback te geven, krijg je zelf ook meer inspiratie. En het is natuurlijk heel gezellig. 🙂
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