How To Create The Characters in Your Book?


How To Create The Characters in Your Book? 

The best thing about writing I think it’s the development of the characters that will “make” the story. But how do you do that in an effective way?

How to create the characters in your book?

First I wrote the most important aspects of the story. Where does the story takes place? What is the main issue? Or in other words, what it’s all about the story? Work that information out and check how many characters you need to make the story interesting and readable.

  • Then comes the best part of the whole process! Now you will create the characters. The most important is: what do you write? When the story takes place in a specific period, you must first know what it was like to live during that time. Research as much as possible!
  • Disconnect the conflict in your story to the development of your main character. The main character is then emotionally evolved and is a part of the plot of your story.
  • The secondary characters must be properly aligned with the main character. The secondary characters drive the development of the main character and can contribute to the plot.
  • The more you know about your characters, the easier is the writing. To know as much as possible of the main character, I fill in the questionnaire of Proust.(also very interesting to anwers these questions by yourself :))
  • For the secondary characters I draw a circle in the middle of a sheet of paper. The circle represents the main character. From the circle I draw arrows (just like sunbeams). Each arrow represents a minor characters. I drew clouds from each arrow where I wrote down shortly what the characters development would be in the story.
  • For me, the main character is really alive then. I got inspiration for the main character from watching movies and Pinterest. It’s also a good idea to keep a weekly diary of the main character. It can be very inspiring and you will have more connection with the character. I hope these tips will help you during the writing process!

Do you create a character map before writing?

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  1. Ooops, sorry, that used my (unused lately) blog on google I think – I'm on Facebook with a page there – Carolyn Ann Aish at Studio Seven – I joined your FB page – here is the link to my page and my creativity group – if you're interested: and (in the latter, I encourage those who join to share THEIR creativity, but this group is still growing slowly, very slowly lol.

  2. Deze sla ik op bij mijn favorieten. Momenteel heb ik een verhaal in mijn hoofd en ik heb de karakters al bedacht. Ik heb enkel alleen wie ze zijn, wat ze leuk vinden etc. Maar nog niet met de verhaallijn erbij omschreven. Goed idee!

  3. Ik heb al verschillende manieren gezien om personages te ontwikkelen maar deze vind ik erg leuk. Vooral omdat deze manier een positieve uitstraling heeft (de zonnestralen).
    Met mijn boek (fantasy) ben ik nog wat aan het vechten ivm kleine dingen die niet lijken te kloppen. Ik ga deze tips dus zeker meenemen 🙂

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