My Happy Parisian Moments #4

My Happy Parisian Moments #4

A week goes by, time really flies! Today I share my happy Parisian moments #4! I hope you like this serie which I have created after my city trip to Paris. When I am writing these posts, I relive these wonderful days.

My Happy Parisian Moments #4

  1. Dreaming about my own Parisian apartment when strolling through the Parisian streets.
  2. Enjoying the view from the Montmartre hill during the early morning.
  3. And in the meanwhile thinking that there are so many new things to discover in Paris.
  4. Finding a terrace in a busy street in Montmartre and enjoying an Orangina and watching the tourists.
  5. Buying something special at Galeries Lafayette, my favorite department store in Paris (and Nice!).
  6. Seeing Paris through my lens. When I am in Paris, I shoot so many pictures! Last time, I took more than 600 photos!
  7. Making a boat trip on the Seine. Paris is beautiful from the water! And you have the opportunity to rest your feet for a while!
  8. Just strolling around without a map and plan.
  9. Picnic along the Seine with a baguette (walnut please!) and French cheese.
  10. And feeling very blessed to be in Paris!

What was your beautiful moment this week?



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