My Happy Parisian Moments #1

 My Happy Parisian Moments #1

During the Summer months, I will share each Friday my happy Parisian moments which I had during my city trip to Paris in June. These three days we filled with only happy moments, so I have enough for eight editions and maybe more 🙂

  1. Arriving in Paris and enjoy a breakfast in the sun at Café du Nord. Sublime!
  2. Reading a good book at Place Dauphine.
  3. Walking down the street and seeing the top of the Eiffel Tower. I am in Paris!
  4. Enjoying a bad after a whole day strolling through Paris with 30 degrees.
  5. Having dinner at our favorite restaurant in the neighborhood where we always stay when we are in Paris (15eme, Grenelle)
  6. The Parisian metro. I love this good working system!
  7. Enjoying the view from Pont Bir-Hakeim.
  8. Sipping wine at Café de Flore.
  9. Strolling on the Boulevard Saint-Germain and discovering new shops.
  10. Good shoes to walk around Paris (Adidas Superstars, no spon!)


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