Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn


“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

The change of seasons….hello Autumn, goodbye Summer!

Summertime is really really over. Temperatures have dropped and the weather is less stable. Gone are the lazy afternoons in the sun with a good book, days at the beach and  drinks or dinners on a terrace in the city. Now has the time come to make your home cozier and curl you up with a blanket on the couch to watch movies.

When the first leaves change their colors I always get a melancholic feeling. Autumn is a beautiful season I think with the warm colors and golden lights. It’s very inspiring to see how the seasons change, but Winter is not my favorite one :).

My thoughts go back to last Summer when I made a lot of walks, enjoyed our new garden, made many photos, worked on my book during my spare time and enjoyed wonderful holidays. We had the opportunity to travel to Lanzarote, Paris, Alicante and Nice. Wonderful days with plenty of sunshine, beautiful sights and wonderful evenings. We collected many memories to remember during this Winter when it will be cold and we had to warm us to those summer moments.

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