Golden Light

2015 10 23 - Golden Light

Golden Light

What I love the most about Autumn is the light. Last week, I made a beautiful and long walk in the forest and I was astonished by the colors. The Golden light. The leaves on the trees changed their colors and started falling. The weather was crispy cold but the sun was shining. Autumn has many things that I love. Looking for (red!) mushrooms in the woods, searching for the pattern in a cobweb and the dew drops on the grass after a cold night. I love to “play” with the soft light and the fog in the early morning to capture the fall details to the fullest.

I can really enjoy it and I can really admit that I love Autumn, after Summer, which is my favorite season. Fall is the  season that bursts the last beauty of the year… I think it is very inspiring to see how seasons change.

It was a lovely forest walk in the “Mastbos” near Breda. It’s a forest where I have been so much since my childhood. When we are walking and enjoying this forest, I feel very happy.

Scroll down to see my forest walk in pictures and to experience this beautiful golden light of Autumn.


2015 10 18 - Golden Light
Autumn3 001 - Golden Light
Autumn4 001 - Golden Light
Autumn6 001 - Golden Light
Autumn7 001 - Golden Light
Autumn8 001 - Golden Light
Autumn12 001 - Golden Light
Autumn13 001 - Golden Light

pinit fg en rect red 28 - Golden Light

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