First Blog Anniversary


First Blog Anniversary

First Blog Anniversary

My blog is a one year old now! Time flies! It feels longer because, before I actually began blogging, I read so much about the subject. But then I thought at one point: just create a blog. Knowledge comes only through experience, and so I started.

My blogposts focuses mainly on my love for Paris, southern France and Amsterdam and cities in general and about the writing process. I was very lucky this year to visit them all. So I have enough inspiration for the coming months to expand this blog.

Recently I started my new rubric on Wednesday: Wednesday Writing. Each Wednesday I share writingtips to help you when you are stuck in your writings.

So what have I learned from one year blogging?

A lot! 🙂

Last year I joined the bloggers in the world and a whole world opened up for me. I am now much more active on social media, I’m learning little by little about Google Analytics (but it’s still complicated!), SEO and the bloggersworld in general. I’m not a planner, but blog posts I do plan :), because it takes a lot of time. But there is still a lot to learn, but now I know where I need to focus on.

I like to share my travels and my discoveries during this journey with you. Blogging fits me perfectly. I love to write and inspire people with my stories.

But the most special thing about blogging are the contacts / collaborations. I write articles for two websites and occasionally I do a little interview. It’s very nice to meet other people and share the passion for writing and traveling with each other.

So, I celebrate my “one year blog” with a new layout. I hope you’ll like, as much as I do!

I would like to know what you missed on my blog or would want to read more about?

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will continue reading my blog and get inspired!Have a nice day!


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