Favorites of October

Favorites of October

Favorites of October

October is almost over. Time really flies! Colors and nature are changing. I will really miss the Summer season but I also love these change in nature (without the rain and wind :)). I love to make walks in the park. It is really lovely to feel the fresh air and making photos.

This month I was very busy with writing my book (I will write another post about a writing update) and I cleaned up the attic (again!).  I spend a lot at home because I did not feel very well. One day after my birthday, I get a cold and I had very little energy throughout these weeks. I hope November will be better!

I collected some of  my favorites of October which I would like to share with you.


I love to prepare salads. This time I was very happy with the goat cheese one, with quinoa, tomatoes, paprika, avocado, walnuts and honey.

Favorites of October


After a beautiful “late” Summer we were surprised by cold weather. I wore my “in between seasons” Esprit coat very often. For my birthday I got these beautiful boots. I had to get used to this weather change. In my mind it’s still Summer 🙂

I bought two bags this month. One for my birthday, the 1920s red bag. The black handbag is from Mango which I will use for my work.


Favorites of October


On my day off, I love to listen to the “Ochtendklok” (“Morning Bell”) playlist on Spotify with a cup of coffee and lovely blogs to read.

Get a Way

No get a ways this month. I was busy cleaning up the attic. Because our new bed will arrive soon, we painted the walls in the bedroom. Can’t wait for our new bed! (and my back too 🙂


I loved to read the Vogue and Harpers Bazaar, but I had no so much time for reading more magazines.


Favorites of October


For my birthday, I got “Dune” by Dior, one of my favorites of Dior!

Favorites of October


What are your favorites of October?


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