Fashion Notes | The Blue Jacket

Fashion Notes | The Blue Jacket

Fashion Notes | The Blue Jacket

A rainy morning in the Nine Streets of Amsterdam. I was strolling around in these cute little streets when I saw the COS shop. I love COS because of the classic and casual style. In my opinion, you can mix and match each item.

By entering the shop, a blue jacket caught my eye. In other words: it was love at first sight!

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It doesn’t happen often that I have this feeling with clothes. It’s one of the reasons that I am looking for new brands and shops, to wear not only Zara, H&M, and Esprit. My wish is to develop another style of fashion, mixed with the basic brands. I am still searching and trying to lose weight. In the meantime I am strolling around, looking for new brands.

I hear you thinking :). I saw the blue jacket in the COS shop. Yes, I did. For me, it is a special jacket because it is a model jacket I am looking for ages! It is a short trench coat. Trenchcoats are one of the pieces you have to put in your wardrobe according to the Parisian style.

In future posts, I will share more (winter) coats, because, besides of jeans, coats are my favorite fashion items.

What do you think of this trench coat?And what is your style?



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