Fashion Notes | My Love for Espadrilles

 Fashion Notes | My Love for Espadrilles

Fashion Notes | My Love for Espadrilles

Now the weather is going to be better, I am spending hours on the internet looking for new espadrilles. My love for espadrilles started a few years ago when I bought my first pair and I wore them all summer long. Since then, they are my favorite summer shoes just like sneakers and ballerinas. I love comfortable shoes. You’ll rarely see me in high heels because my feet don’t like that 🙂 I love to change shoes, to mix my outfits. The espadrilles are the perfect shoes, to style your outfits different every time. During my search, I found some lovely espadrilles which I would like to share with you.

Fashion Notes | My Love for Espadrilles

Topshop / Parfois / Kiomi

Fashion Notes | My Love for Espadrilles

 Steve Madden / Colors of California / Colors of California

Fashion Notes | My Love for Espadrilles

Kendall & Kylie / Fred de la Bretoniere / Espadrij l’Originale

How to style espadrilles?

There are many ways to style espadrilles, such like:

  • Jeans / white T-shirt / Espadrilles
  • Beach dress / Straw bag / Sunglasses / Espadrilles
  • White jeans / Striped T-shirt / Espadrilles
  • Jumpsuit / Sunglasses/ Straw hat / Espadrilles

The espadrilles are my ultimate summer shoe and I intend to buy some espadrilles this summer!

I have made a special “Espadrilles” board on Pinterest for more outfit inspirations.

Do you love to wear espadrilles?

@photos: Zalando

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