Fashion Notes | The Fall Velvet Trend

Fashion Notes | The Fall Velvet Trend

Fashion Notes | The Fall Velvet Trend

When I was in Barcelona, I discovered a shop “Mulaya” and saw a lot of velvet pieces. Many years ago, I wore a velvet blazer and I really liked this trend. But I remember, that I also had a few difficulties wearing this material. How do you combine velvet and what are the do’s and dont’s?


Black top: Pieces / Blue shirt: Violeta by Mango / Blue boots: Van Haren / Pink shirt: Morgan / Pale yellow blazer: Mango / Pink T-shirt: Steps

How do you combine the velvet trend?

The Fall Velvet Trend is really back. The fabric gets a major role in the clothing industry and you see in the shops and in the streets.  But how do you wear velvet?

Dark velvet up

If you wear a dark color velvet, combine it with a light color. Like a light blue shirt and simple jeans, let your velvet blazer bang! If you want to wear light velvet, wear it under a vest or a jacket that is darker. This makes the velvet classic.

Black mat

Do you prefer to play safely? Then is a black blazer a good option. Choose for black velvet and make sure it is matte.

Less is more

Keep the rest of your outfit a bit quieter and to go for basics. Of course, you can pack up with a variety of fabrics and combinations for a night, but keep the overall simple and pay attention to your velvet piece!

Little accessories

This also applies to wearing velvet accessories. Velvet is very striking and therefore quickly becomes the centerpiece of your outfit. Stay true to this by tapping your look with understated accessories. Choose for delicate, not too much and not too big accessories.

Do you love this Fall Velvet Trend?





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