Parisienne Diary

Parisienne diary

Parisienne Diary

Parisienne Diary is a diary for all the Parislovers and fans of the Parisian way of living!

For the first time, I visited Paris, the Parisienne woman was a real inspiration for me. It was a beautiful sunny day in April and I walked down the avenues and there she was.

“The Parisian never gives too much away. When it comes to revealing herself, she follows one golden rule: less is definitely more.” Caroline de Maigret, How to be Parisian.

That’s what attracted to me enormously. Looking stunning with almost no make up and not too much accessories. I was astonished by this way of dressing.  I know for sure that from that day in April, she was a great inspiration for me. At home, I read everything about her. La Parisienne by Ines de la Fressange, How to be Parisian by Caroline de Maigret….articles, Pinterest, how to create a wardrobe like her…almost a complete study 🙂

But the most important is: she inspired me to create a person who will take you along her adventures in the city of lights in her diary on this blog.

About her

Claudia, the fictional person, is a sophisticated girl who lives in Paris but is not born there and gives you a glimpse in her wonderful Parisienne life.  She takes you on her Parisian journey in her diary. She meets incredible people, has a job at a fashion magazine. She discovers new hotspots, takes you along her walks through Paris and her meetings with her family and friends. She lives in a very small apartment and dreams to start a vintage shop. She learns you how to be a Parisienne and what the city you has to offer!

Each diary she will give you tips how to be a Parisienne, how her life looks like, the Parisian agenda, her life in and outside Paris and other interesting things in her life. Stay tuned 🙂


I decided to stop with the Parisienne Diary because of other activities. I hope I can start writing them again in the future.

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