Citytrip – An Impression of San Remo

Citytrip - An Impression of San Remo

Citytrip- An Impression of San Remo

An impression of San Remo… When I stayed for a couple of days in Menton, I traveled to this wonderful city. It is not far from Menton, 40 km, just perfect for a day trip!

I strolled through the narrow streets and observed the way of life in this city. I felt the sun on my face and smelled a delicious coffee fragrance. I sat down at a sunny terrace and watched the Italians on their way to the market. I visited this market after my little break at the terrace, in Piazza Eroi Sanremesi and saw so many types of pastas which I have never seen in my life. A color splash of fruit and vegetables and all those beautiful bottles of oils, vinegars, herbs and other delicacies. It was a real feast for my eyes!

After an Italian lunch (I still think very often back to this delicious pizza!) I strolled through the shopping streets and dreamed about the Italians designs when I saw the beautiful window displays. Fortunately, the shops were closed for the siesta :).


Citytrip - An Impression of San Remo

The old town

In the old town, La Pigna or Citta Vecchia, once the heart of the no longer existing San Remo, you’ll find beautiful colored houses, alleys and little squares. La Pigna is only for pedestrians and you’ll find many little specialized shops. In this area, you can feel the real Italian life and sometimes I feels like the time has stood still. The main shopping street of San Remo’s is Via Matteotti with exclusive boutiques where you get inspired by the new fashion styles.

I love old houses and narrow streets because they told the history of a city. For example, the

fortifications in San Remo which are dated from the sixteenth century with the aim to defend the colony against attacks from mainly pirates.

La Pigna is built against a hill, so you have to climb a lot of stairs 🙂

The streets, stairs and galleries are set at different levels like an amphitheater. So when you have climbed all these stairs, you will be rewarded by stunning views!

Citytrip - An Impression of San Remo

What to see

The most important sights of San Remo are: The Garden of Queen Elena The many villas which were built during the 19th century for the rich and dignified people to spend their holidays The symbol of San Remo: the Church Santuario della Madonna della costa with a beautiful view The Casino The port with many cafe’s, terraces and seafood restaurants You can rent a bike and make a tour along the coast Visit ghost town Bussana Vecchia between Menton and San Remo (I have never been here, so I am curious :))San Remo has also a beautiful beach, where you can rest your feet of all the sightseeing and enjoy the fruits, bread and cheese for the market. San Remo has 300 days of sunshine per year and therefore it is a wonderful city to visit during the autumn or winter months.

Have you ever been in San Remo?

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Darina Nykl


  1. Jaaa ik ging heel vaak naar San remo toen ik in Nice woonde. Ijsje eten aan de boulevard, rond dwalen door het centrum en ergens in een zijstraatje kon je toen heel goedkoop Chinees eten. Loved it!

  2. Wat een super leuke foto's om te zien! En even niet online geweest, zie ik deze gave nieuwe layout. Tof! Veel blog plezier ermee 🙂

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