Cafe Trappisten

Cafe Trappisten

Cafe Trappisten

What is nowadays Cafe Trappisten in Westmalle, Belgium, used to be a grocery store which was set up partly as a cafe in 1923. The grocery store was leased by the Trappist monks, the monastery is located across the road. Until 1971 visitors of the abbey could spend the night above the cafe. During the preparations for the 50th anniversary, a fire broke out and destroyed the upper floors and the living area.

We are visiting this cafe many many years now and it is a kind of day off. It is a nice place to enjoy your beer (or other drinks!) and to watch people, how they dress, how they behave…it’s very inspiring. It is a cozy cafe to enjoy the numerous Trappist beers and the “Trappisten” cheese is delicious. For years we drove with my parents on a Sunday afternoon to Westmalle. A cozy getaway, close to home and yet a very different environment. After the drinks, we made a walk to the abbey, which is closed for visitors like us, but it is a nice walk to stretch the legs. This time, the weather was too bad to make the walk, so we stayed at the cafe to chat. A nice thing to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon…

Cafe Trappisten Antwerpsesteenweg 487, Westmalle

Cafe Trappisten



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