My Blog and Writing Goals for 2016: how are things now?


My Blog and Writing Goals for 2016: how are things now?


In the beginning of this year, I published my blog and writing goals for 2016. We are now five months later and it’s time to give you an update.

My blog and Writing Goals for 2016: how are things now?

Generate more visitors on my blog

I will be honest. No, I didn’t achieved this in the first six months of this year. But I am glad with every visitor and comment I get! I really appreciate it because I hope to enjoy my readers with my articles! That’s the most important thing!

In March, I started my blog with WordPress, because I wanted learn more about that and WordPress has more opportunities then Blogger. The time between this move, I planned a blog break and I can highly recommend this to everyone who are struggling with their blog or other writings. I get more inspired, I thought about a change in my blog and implemented a new section: the Diary of a Parisienne. I decided to not plan every post on a same day, except of the Weekend Notes and the Diary of a Parisienne. This feels really better!

Learn even more about SEO

WordPress has an excellent plugin, Yoast. This plugin really helps me to write SEO friendly content. But I want to learn more about SEO so I have collected articles to read them and to use on my blog.

Establish a possible cooperation with another blog

This has not succeeded yet, but maybe in the future? We’ll see!

Collaborating with companies

The same answer as above. My blog is too “small” for PR agencies, I am trying each time, but the anwer is always no. It’s not the most important thing for my blog, but I would have the experience. Maybe it will succeed in the future!

Finish my second book and start searching for a publisher

My book…fortunate I had more time to work on my book, because, since March, I work four days instead of five and so I have one whole day to write!! It really works, I can tell you! One whole day in a week is not enough, so I try to write between my work and the household things. My new goal is to plan more “Writing Weekends.” When you are in the writing flow, it’s better to continue with writing.

Visiting a writing congress

Yes! I did! In January, I visited this congress for writers and it was really informative!


I learned a lot… and I am glad with that because I would like to do more with my blog! But the most important thing is that I love to blog and to read your comments! Thank you so much for your feedback!

What are your goals this year?


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14 reacties

  1. Zo bijna halverwege het jaar (de tijd gaat veel te snel!) is een mooi moment om je voornemens en doelen eens te evalueren die je je aan het begin van het jaar gesteld hebt. Je hebt misschien nog niet al je doelen bereikt, maar… we zitten pas op de helft van het jaar. Nog 6 maanden te gaan voor het om is en in 6 maanden kan er veel water door de zee vloeien!
    sunny mama recently posted…WAT IS JOUW LEVENSDOEL? – ZO WEET JE HET!My Profile

  2. Toch al goed op weg.
    Ik heb voor mijn blog niet echt doelen gesteld omdat ik het zo moeilijk vond om dat te doen.
    Ik ben wel met SEO bezig sinds ene paar weken, maar ik vind dat het niet mag gaan primeren op gewoon schrijven wat je leuk vindt en op de manier dat je het leuk vindt.
    En er zit vast nog wel veel in je toekomst voor je blog, toch?
    Succes in ieder geval
    Ilse van Kreanimo recently posted…Nooit genoeg Magformers!My Profile

    1. Dank je wel! Dat vind ik nou ook met dat SEO, ik wil me meer kunnen concentreren op het schrijven, maar merk dat ik soms (onbewust) veel met SEO bezig ben 🙁 Weer een doel erbij 🙂

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