Blog and Writing Goals for 2016


I started this blog in September 2014. Blogging is very much fun and I learned a lot, but it can always be better I think! For 2015 I decribed these 8 bloggoals. What did I achieve this year? And what are my blog and writing goals for 2016?

Blog and Writing Goals for 2016

Learn more about SEO

I read a lot about this subject, but it is a difficult one. I can learn even more about this.

Generate more visitors on my blog

I have more visitors on my blog then months ago, but I have no hundreds visitors a day. I hope it will change because I love to share my stories with other readers.

Establish a possible cooperation with another blog

Not yet, maybe in the future!

Continue to publish regular blogposts

I publish post on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. I cannot publish more often because I have besides of this blog, a fulltime job and I am writing my second book.

Write better blog posts

I hope so! For this subject I need you, my dear readers! What do you think?

Attend a workshop about blogging

In January I will attend a congres about writing. It will be very interesting to learn more about it! I will write a blogpost about this day, so keep an eye on my blog 🙂

Make more time free to go out for research for my blog

I wish I had….

Learn more about Photoshop

Learned a little bit more about it, but I only use the basic tools.

My goals for 2016

  • Generate more visitors on my blog.
  • Learn even more about SEO
  • Establish a possible cooperation with another blog
  • Collaborating with companies
  • Finish my second book and start searching for a publisher
  • Visiting a writing congress

What are your blog goals for 2016?


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