“Au vieux Paris d’Arcole”


Au vieux Paris d'Arcole

Au vieux Paris d’arcole

What I love the most about Paris are the hidden gems, on every corner you discovers something new. This spot, “Au vieux Paris d’Arcole” is one of them. The wisteria dominates the narrow street, near the Notre Dame and it is a very colorful spot. The terrace of this charm little restaurant and the sound of the Notre Dame bells, feels like you are in a little Provencal village and not in this big city and that makes this discovery just so special. Isolated form the hustle and bustle, you can enjoy French specialties and rest your feet from the long walks you made.

Have you ever been here?

Au vieux Paris d'Arcole
Au vieux Paris d'Arcole

Au vieux Paris d'Arcole

Restaurant Au vieux Paris d’Arcole
24, Rue Chanoinesse
75004, Paris

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  1. I say you found a treasure,sweet,beautiful and a pleasing environment.Love the pics….and love how they used this beautiful 'lavender' hues everywhere.I'm pinning this on my pinterest board.

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