Alicante by Night

 Alicante10 001 - Alicante by Night

 Alicante by Night

We visited Alicante many times for one day when we stayed in another village, but last September we spend a few days longer in this wonderful and surprising city and that gave us the opportunity to see Alicante by Night. That was one of my wishes then. I was surprised by this wonderful city with clean beaches and many shops.


al3 1024x576 - Alicante by Night

After a good dinner at the Passeig Esplanada d’Espanya, the boulevard along the port and the beaches, with little wooden stalls where you can buy accessories etc., we decided to make a walk to burn the calories of the delicious crème brulee :).

al2 1024x576 - Alicante by Night

We strolled through the narrow streets. The streetlights spread a magical atmosphere. The tables of the restaurants were full of people and delicious dishes. Happy people! We love this kind of atmosphere. Carefree, cheerful, enjoy. The life takes place outdoors. The streets are the homes of the people. I love this kind way of living. Meeting people in a cafe and talk about all the things in life enjoying a good meal or drink. Knowing that this holiday is not coming to an end...not yet.

al1 1024x576 - Alicante by Night

We strolled and made many photos of the beautiful night in Alicante. Seeing these pictures over again, we reminisced this lovely summer evening in September.

It already seems so long ago…


Have you ever been in Alicante?

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  1. Love love Alicante. Mijn ouders woonden daar in de buurt en iedere keer als ik daar was bezocht ik allicante en ontdekte weer wat nieuws.

    We houden wel van dezelfde steden 🙂


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