About The Book That I am Writing #1

About The Book That I am Writing #1

About the book that I am writing

(This is an updated version) Because  I am very busy writing my book at the moment, I thought it would be interesting to write about the book that I am writing. It’s very excited for me, because till today it was my “secret” project. People often asked me when the book will be published and I always give this answer: “I don’t know, I am still writing it.” But now I have more time to write, so one of my goals is to finish the first draft this year.

In the book that I am writing, the Roaring Twenties, plays a major role. It is a very interesting period, which is also called the “Jazz Age”. The writers, the designs, fashion and the changing role of women…

Wikipedia describes those girls, also named as “flapper girls” as  “a “new breed” of young Western women in the 1920s who wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to jazz, and flaunted their disdain for what was then considered acceptable behavior.”(source Wikipedia)

Did you see the movie Midnight in Paris? When I saw this movie (many many times :)), I wished that I was Gil, who was going back to the 1920s each day at midnight. Talking with Hemingway, dancing in the jazz clubs, living the good life…

In my book, the protagonist got an invitation to a 20s party, and from that moment she is looking for a 20s dress which she found at a flea market in Paris. That’s the start of her love for this period and for vintage fashion. What’s the story behind this dress? Her interest in vintage will grow and grow with the time, especially when she find a real treasure…So far a little glimpse inside my book!


About The Book That I am Writing #1
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A few facts about the Roaring Twenties

This period is associated with modernity, the break with traditions and economic growth.

Women got voting rights in many countries and began to work outside their homes. Art Deco is characteristic for these years. In Paris, you can find many cafe’s which has the famous art-deco designs, such as Cafe de Flore, Le Select, Les Deux Magots….places where writers, designers and philosophers met each other.

The movies were silent and colorless at the beginning of the 20s. Cartoons were very popular. The first movie of Mickey Mouse was on November 18, 1928 in “Steamboat Willie”.

The rise of the Lost Generation with famous members such as writers Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Gertrude Stein, who lived in Paris in the 20s.

Dancing was very important. Existing music were transformed into more popular melodies. The most important dance was the Charleston, based on African American beats.

Fashion became a social statement and to break with the Victorian way of life. The “flapper girls” didn’t wear a corset anymore and cut her hair off and feared a cloche hat.

About The Book That I am Writing #1
@Copyright by Topvintage Boutique

Flapper – the notorious character type who bobbed her hair, smoked cigarettes, drank gin, sported short skirts and passed her evenings in steamy jazz clubs, where she danced in a shockingly immodest fashion with a revolving cast of males suiters (quote by J. Zweitz)

New way of fashion

One of the best known designer, Coco Chanel, introduced the new way of fashion: more pratical and simpeler such as jersey, “sportswear”, trousers and suits for women. She said this about this change in woman fashion:

“Fashion has become a joke. The designers have forgotten that there are women inside the dresses. Most women dress for men and want to be admired. But they must also be able to move, to get into a car without bursting their seams! Clothes must have a natural shape.

The flapper dress, which you can see on the photo above, was very popular. I found this one in the online Topvintage and Retro Boutique and this dress is a symbol of the change in life of the protagonist in my book. I hope I can buy this dress one day! 

Do you love the 20s?

Thank you Topvintage for using these photos!


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