8 Reasons Why I Love Pinterest


8 Reasons Why I Love Pinterest

Nowadays, we can choose from so many social media but there is one which I really love and I am a little bit addicted to and that’s Pinterest.

8 Reasons Why I Love Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to see new ideas, categorize them and save for later. Today, I share my 8 reasons why I love Pinterest.

❤️ Pinterest is one big inspiration world! It is a great resource for everything you look for! Quotes, fashion, tips, home decoration, history, health, sport, you name it and you can find it!

❤️ Pinning is a relaxing past time and I really spend a lot of time on it. Especially when I have to wait for my train, or cosy at home with a cup of tea instead of reading a magazine.

❤️ It is easy to promote your website/blog/ product on Pinterest.

❤️ It is a nice way to make mood boards and boost your creativity. My most used keywords are Parisienne style, fashion, Paris, mind, home decoration, travel and lifestyle.

❤️ What I don’t like about Instagram is the run on the likes and comments. On Pinterest, I don’t have this feeling. It is more friendly and totally no pressure for a high number of likes and followers.

❤️ It is easy to share boards with each other which can be really fun and make new friends.

❤️ Pinterest is a great source for discovering (new) places or addresses. I used it often to prepare my city trip to Barcelona last.

❤️ I use Pinterest as a search engine, it’s my new Google!

My Pinterest

What do I pin the most? You can see it on my Pinterest account or click right in the sidebar.

I love to discover new Pinterest accounts. What’s yours?






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