5 Things I will Do This Summer

5 Things I will Do This Summer

5 Things I will Do This Summer

The summer season has started and I am looking forward to these wonderful months, with hopefully a lot of sun and long days fulfilled with inspiring things. I love these summer months, because life takes more outside and I really love that! Another thing is the weather (hopefully it will get better, because last weeks, the weather was very bad!). I love the sunrises in the early morning, which promises a beautiful day ahead and gives me a very positive feeling when the alarm clock goes off and that it’s time to go out bed!

The summer dishes: a lot of salads, the summer fruits, the BBQ’s, eating outside at home or at a terrace, yes, I can really appreciate that! Enjoying nature, reading a good book in the sun, sport a little bit (I really have to start again :)) and the magic word this summer will be: ENJOY!


  1. Blogging! I want to write more articles ahead. I have so much inspiration at the moment, so that will not be a problem at all 🙂 I will learn more about the SEO. That was one of my blog goals this year, so I hope I can realize that!
  2. Exploring Amsterdam to discover new hotspots. It’s been a while that I spend time in Amsterdam and that sound not like me. I really miss the city vibe there. I love to stroll through the city and get inspired by new things (and to share with you!)
  3. Holiday. In September I will travel again. This time we will spend five days in Alicante and five days in Nice. I am looking forward to it!
  4. Writing. I will spend more time on my book because I would like to finish it before the end of this year!
  5. Enjoying. I want to enjoy the summer days, at terraces, in our lovely garden, in Amsterdam :), on the beach, the little things, bike riding, more sports.

What are your plans this summer?


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