5 Things I am Looking Forward To

5 Things I am Looking Forward To

5 Things I am Looking Forward To

Lying in the sun, a cool drink in my hand, I am staring to the blue sky and thinking about the summer that is ahead of us, and the 5 things I am looking forward to….


In 5 days I will travel to Paris. I am soo looking forward to it! Three whole days in one of my favorite cities! In another blogpost I will share my Parisian plans.


I created my book in my mind the last few months and now I know  how the story will continue, I am looking forward to finish it this summer (I hope!!!). I started writing this story five years ago and I hope I will find a publisher. But let’s not go there right now.

Our garden

I love our garden and I hope we will have many sunny days! The lounge bench is my favorite place and I hope to read many books, to write my book and blog posts and to sleep 🙂


Terraces, shopping, strolls (in the shade when it’s too hot). I hope to travel to some Dutch cities this summer. Maastricht is a favorite, or all time favorite Amsterdam and The Hague and maybe Antwerp (the “solden” starts July 1st!).

September Holiday

In September we will spend five days in Barcelona and five days in Alicante. It’s such a long time ago (more than 10 years!) that I was in Barcelona and I am looking forward to explore a new city in the sun. We booked an hotel near the Ramblas, with a swimming pool and panorama view so I think it will be amazing!
Last year, we were in Alicante too. I always called it “little Barcelona” because it has a Ramblas too. And it is a city which is located at the sea.

What are your summer plans?

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  1. Tooof dat je naar Barcelona en Alicante gaat! Ahhh Barcelona is zo’n geweldige stad. Heeft echt mijn hart gestolen toen ik er 2,5 jaar geleden was! Veel plezier alvast. 🙂 Leuk ook dat je naar wat steden gaat. Amsterdam blijft een fijne stad!

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