5 Reasons Why I Love Paris #1

 5 Reasons Why I Love Paris #1

5 Reasons Why I Love Paris #1

Paris is one of my favorite cities and one of the reasons. Since the first visit to this wonderful city, I am in love. In love with Paris. It seems fun to me to start a new section and share my 5 reasons why I love Paris #1.

  1. When I am in Paris, it feels like  I come home. When I am wandering the streets I forget everything. I am enjoying the moments, the views, the Parisians, the beauty around me. That’s what counts at these moments.
  2. The boulangeries. I love the cute little boulangeries in the quartiers. It is not only to buy the baguettes or pastries. When you live in Paris it is also a very social thing to do.
  3. The architecture. I can’t stop making photos of the Hausmannien appartments.
  4. The variety of museums. Paris offers a lot of museums, something for everyone! Art, fashion, history…you name it, Paris has it all!
  5. Coffee cafe’s. In recent years, the coffee culture in Paris has improved very much. The coffee cafe’s are emerging rapidly and I think it is a very good thing!

Have you ever been in Paris? What did you love the most?


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    1. Ik zou best in Parijs willen wonen, maar ik realiseer me ook, dat het “echte” leven in Parijs heel anders kan zijn, dan als je dat beleeft tijdens een weekend weg. Maar toch… ik denk dat ik het zeker zou kunnen!

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