5 Parisian Things #9

5 Parisian Things #9

5 Parisian Things #9

Welcome to a new edition of 5 Parisian Things #9! Paris is the place where I get so much inspiration. When I am walking through the quartiers, the city tells his story itself. At every corner, there is something new to explore. The city has so many surprises. I can’t wait to discover them in the future! So I collected 5 Parisian Things and I hope you’ll like them!

Parisian apartment


5 Parisian Things #9

The typical Haussmann apartment buildings in Paris… I almost can’t stop making photos of them when I am in Paris. Why I love this architecture? The iron balconies and the windows. I often dream about having my own Parisian apartment. It is clear that I have some requirements.

Should I dedicate a separate blog post about it? Tell me in the comments below, I am looking forward to read it!

Parisian Cafe life

5 Parisian Things #9

I love the Parisian cafe culture. Having breakfast to start the day good. Honestly, I could spend a whole day at Parisian terraces, to watch people go by, to enjoy my lunch and in the afternoon a good glass. I know I know, Paris has so much more to offer, but still…. 🙂

La Tour Eiffel

5 Parisian Things #9

Each time my husband and I visit Paris, we always start our new Parisian journey at the Tour Eiffel. It is our Parisian tradition and I am looking forward to see it again!


5 Parisian Things #9

The Parisian boulangeries are my favorite. The huge choice of bread, baquettes, pastries and croissants. Maybe it’s better for my weight that I don’t live in Paris 🙂

Place des Vosges

5 Parisian Things #9

I love this area in Marais. I hope we can spend some time here next weekend when we are in Paris. I’d love to visist Cafe Carette and spend some time at the grass in the sun.. we’ll see what our Parisian journey will bring this time!

What’s your favorite Parisian place?

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  1. De Parijse appartementen vind ik ook helemaal geweldig! Kan er uren naar kijken en dromen om daar te wonen. Een aparte post erover lijkt me leuk! Ben benieuwd wat je ermee gaat doen. Mijn favoriete Parijse plek is het park bij de Eiffel Toren in de avond, als er muziek is en iedereen daar gezellig picknickt in de zomer <3

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