5 Paris Inspired Blogs #1

 5 Paris Inspired Blogs #1

5 Paris Inspired Blogs #1

A few months ago, I shared 5 French Inspired blogs on this blog. Today, I will share 5 Paris Inspired Blogs. There are so much beautiful Paris-inspired blogs on the web, so I will make it a recurring post 🙂

Do it in Paris – the online city guide of Paris! If you want to keep up to date what’s happening in Paris, then is this a perfect blog to check out regularly. Like they say, it’s the gazette of the real Parisienne!

Rue Rodier – this is a lifestyle blog written by Marissa Cox, a Paris-based photographer who moved from London to Paris in 2013. I love her photography and Parisian-inspired (fashion) posts.

Love in the City of Lights –  a blog by Kasia Dietz, a handbag designer and writer from New York. She takes you along Paris and shares her secret Parisian addresses.

Paris Perfect Blog – this blog is part of vacation apartment rentals in Paris. They rent beautiful Parisian apartments and share tips for living in Paris and Paris guides what to do when you are enjoying a city trip in this wonderful city! My favorite apartment on their site is this one near the Eiffel Tower.

What’s your favorite Paris inspired blog? I love to discover new blogs, so please let me know in the comments below!


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