5 French Inspired Blogs to Follow

5 French Inspired Blogs to Follow

6 French Inspired Blogs to Follow

I love to read about all things French and especially about the French way of living, the food, the effortless style of the French women…

There are so much blogs to discover, so let’s start today with 5 French Inspired blogs to follow.

Paris in Four Months

Carin Olsson moved to Paris to follow her dreams. And she succeeded. Her blog and pictures are wonderful. She travelled a lot and attend the fashion weeks. I love her pictures of the fashion shows, the Parisian buildings and her Parisian addresses.

Favorite article: Chanel Haute Couture Part 1 & Chanel Haute Couture Part 2

Everyday Parisian

A fresh new website about the Parisian way of live. Rebecca Plotnick is a photographer from Cincinnati, Ohio and she splits her time between Paris and Chicago. Her dreamy pictures are a real feast for the eye! She started Everyday Parisian because this city inspired her enormously. Her photographs are available on Etsy.

Favorite article: 24 Hours in Paris

French Essence

Fashion, beauty and all Things French. Vicki Archer is an Australian writer who splits her time between London and Saint Rémy de Provence. She published two books: My French Life & French Essence. She writes about my four favorite subjects: Fashion, Beauty, Paris and Provence. I always get inspired by her articles and wonderful photography!

Favorite article: Too many :), but Paris is Always a Good idea, Audrey Hepburn was right

Our French Oasis

I love to read about the family life of Susan and her tales about France. She lives in a small village in the Department of the Charente Maritime. When I am reading her blogs, it feels I am in France at that moment. Her pictures are wonderful and I love her inspiring lifestyle!

Favorite article: Audrey – A Short Summer Story Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

The Good Life France

Everything you want to know about France and more….on this lovely website you can find everything about living in France, moving to France, working in France, holidays, tips, recipes, books…

I am a contributor of this site. You can read my articles here.

Favorite article: Gourmet Tours of Provence

Do you know one of these websites? Or do you know a French inspired blog which I didn’t mention? I love to read new blogs.

Au revoir!


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Darina Nykl


  1. Thank you so much Darina, I really appreciate you including me in this list. Hope you are having a good summer, scorchingly hot here still, but enjoying the last few days of the children’s holidays! Susan xx

    • You’re welcome! You have a lovely blog which I really enjoy reading each time. We have hot weather too here. Enjoy your weekend! Xx Darina

  2. I’m so jealous of all these adorable French blogs! I wish I kept up with my blog I started when I lived in France!

    Corinne x

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