I am Back! With a New Look!


I am Back! With a New Look!

Yes, I’m back with a new look!

The last weeks I have taken a little blog break. And I noticed that I really needed some time without thinking about writing articles for my blog and maybe create a new look. I needed some time free. I am blogging since September 2014 and this was the start of an incredible journey. I learned so much about blogging, SEO, use of Social Media, writing posts and so many more. I started my blog at Blogger to learn everything about blogging and the “technical” side of a blog. And then came the day that I wanted to re new my blog. I wanted more… and this is the result…my own domain…a new website...a new look!

What can you expect?

I have re-scheduled my blogposts. I want to write better content then I did before (in my opinion :)). I will publish two blog posts a week at least but it can vary, because I would like to have a flexible schedule. One thing I learned during my blog break was that I need some freedom when I will publish a post. I know you “have to” publish x time a week for the statistics, but what I said before, I would like to write better content and make your time on this site very pleasant and informative!

I will write posts about my travels and write more about Paris, because I love that city so much and this city gives me so much inspiration and possibilities which inspired me to write a new section called “Parisienne Diary”. I will also publish book reviews,  and a diary through Instagram photos to give you a glimpse into my writer’s life. I will also write about interior, brocante and vintage, because I have developed a huge love for things with a (hi)story!

So I hope you will have a great time on my new site! I like to get in touch with my readers so if you have any questions, comments or do you have an idea, you can always contact me: darinanykl{@}gmail{dot}com.


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