17 Things a Parisian don’t Like

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I always write in a positive way about the Parisian, but it seems interesting to me to point out here,  which 17 things a Parisian don’t like…

17 Things a Parisian don’t Like

Ask him/her how he can live in a “small apartment”.
Turn left on the escalator and do not move ( I really hate this too :))
Talk about the price of beer in Paris and making comparisons with other cities. Whatever they are…
Tell him/her that the metro is a “place of charm”.
And t
ell him/her that he is typically Parisian.
Rush into the subway train without giving him/her time to get out (O yes, very recognizable!)
Ask him/her how he/she can live without seeing the sky and the sun.
Talk with the cashier at the supermarket right in front of him/her.

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Drive slowly.
Inquire if he knows “a good bar” or “a good restaurant” in Paris.
To ask him/her to pay by cheque.
To say to him/her that the store has just closed, there, now.
Tell him/her to stop complaining.
Say to him/her that Paris is a “city-museum”.
Tell him/her that all Parisians are provincial, in fact.
Tell him/her that in Paris, the best place to go out is the rue Oberkampf.
Give him/her an appointment at Les Halles on a Saturday afternoon.


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