10 Ways to Enjoy Summer

10 Ways to Enjoy Summer

10 Ways to Enjoy Summer

Last week I wrote about Summer in Paris. I was dreaming about it, because I will not be in Paris this Summer. Instead of that, I will spend my Summer in Holland and I will share 10 ways to enjoy Summer with you today!

  1. Reading books in the shade with a refreshing drink. I love to make water with lemon, grapefruits and mint and read for hours!
  2. Spend a day at the swimming pool. It’s relaxing and you have a work out!
  3. Making a bucket list for the second part of this year. What do you want to achieve? What can you change? What did you learn from the first part of this year?
  4. Making a city trip in your own country and discovering new things and share them with us 🙂
  5. Trying a new recipe. Personally, I am not a real kitchen princesses but I love to make salads and soups!
  6. If you have a blog: look for a nice terrace and make plans for your blog. Do you want to change your lay out? Writing about new subjects, organizing a Q&A….
  7. Thinking about travels which you will make in the future…
  8. Cleaning up your wardrobe and sell the clothes which you don’t want anymore.
  9. Visiting markets. This gives me the real summer feeling!
  10. Start a new course. Photographing, writing, design, a language…

Do you love the Summer season?

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