10 Ways To Enjoy an Indian Summer

10 Ways To Enjoy an Indian Summer


10 Ways To Enjoy an Indian Summer

Summer came late this year, so now we can enjoy an Indian Summer. I really like that, because I don’t like the winter, the longer this season stays away, the better (for me). I take always two week holiday in September to avoid the crowds which you have in the high season and the lower prices. And because of the weather naturellement .

1. Live your life outdoors, whatever you like to do, live outdoors and enjoy!

2. Plan citytrips (just like I do in September). The cities are less crowd and so you can enjoy it to the fullest!

3. Enjoy an extra long weekend to enjoy at home for example. Enjoy your garden, your own city or discover new places.

4. Long forest or beach walks. I love to stroll through the forests to admire the colour changing of the leaves or to feel the wind in my hair along the sea. After the walk, it is lovely to enjoy a drink at a terrace.

5. Enjoy sunsets. The light is wonderful this time of year.

6. Gardening. Prepare your garden winterized. Throw away overblown plants and flowers. Instead, it’s nice to brighten up the garden with chrysanthemums.

7. Take your camera and go to a city or nature to improve your photographer skills.

8. Read a book or magazine at a sunny terrace to enjoy the last rays of the summer season.

9. Clean up your wardrobe. In this post I give you tips to clean up your wardrobe for the new season.

10. BBQ’s. Enjoy a delicious dinner  in the evening sun with your loved ones!

What do you love to most of an Indian Summer?

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