10 Things To Do on a Lazy Sunday

10 Things To Do on a Lazy Sunday

10 Things to do on a Lazy Sunday

Sunday afternoons are perfect to leave things as they are and plan some “me”-time. During the week, we are very busy people. Sometimes we forget what is really important…so I share 10 things to do on a lazy Sunday!

Read a good book – Make a cup of tea or coffee and settle and get lost in a good story.

Get lost in Pinterest – Get inspiration for your wardrobe, next travel destination, outfits, make moodboards and many more!

To do lists – Make a list of what you want to do during these cold months or write down your goals

Watch movies – all afternoon long!

Enjoy a delicious Sunday brunch at your favorite place with family, friends or just the two of you!

10 Things To Do on a Lazy Sunday

Discover new places in your hometown – Make a walk and take a different route than you usual do!

Pamper yourself (home spa) – Try a new bath foam, scrub your skin, paint your nails…

Write in your journal – your dreams, your goals, your worries, everything what comes in your mind at that moment

Go shopping – Need I say more? 🙂

Make photos for your blog/website/Instagram – and improve your photography skills!

What’s your favorite thing to do on a lazy Sunday?


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Darina Nykl


  1. Mijn zondag favorieten zijn:
    – lui zijn
    – lezen (boeken/ tijdschriften)
    – schrijven (heel veel schrijven)
    – lunchen of naar de film in de middag
    – tijd doorbrengen met familie en vrienden

  2. Weet je wat? Ik realiseer me ineens dat ik al veel te lang geen ‘lazy sunday’ meer heb gehad… Ik ga maar eens een ‘lazy sunday’ inplannen in mijn agenda, anders komt er niks van… 😉

  3. Ja Zondagen<3 Heerlijk. Ik rommel altijd in huis, ga lezen, pak wat dozen in voor de verhuizing.. Drink thee, knuffel met de poezen, ben altijd bezig met mijn blog/online wereld en kijk vaak mijn favoriete series… Genieten met een grote G dus 🙂 Fijne nieuwe week!

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