10 Things That Make My Life Beautiful

10 Things That Make My Life Beautiful


Lately, I bought a new perfume. It wasn’t easy to choose from so many wonderful fragrances. So much to choose from. What kind of fragrance was I looking for exactly?

10 Things That Make My Life Beautiful

After trying a few perfumes, one bottle caught my eye. A nice design, very elegant. La Vie Est Belle. The name sound like music in my ears. The fragrance surprised me. Subtle…  Like the Parisian woman. No overkill. Just that breeze she leaves when she leaves the room.

This perfume was the inspiration for this post in which I will share 10 things which make my life beautiful.

Sunset/sun rises

I love sunsets and the sunrises. The beautiful colors in the air it gives me a calm feeling. Sunsets mean a brand new day full of (new) changes, sun rises is the perfect time to reflect on the day you’ve had.


Clothes have an important place in my life. I can spend hours mix and match new outfits and create a (new) style.

10 Things That Make My Life Beautiful


Need I say more 🙂 


Writing has an important place in my life and I really miss it when I can’t work on my book during busy times. When I write, I forget the world around me. I love creating beautiful stories and I hope I can inspire my readers.

Spare Time

Spare time is very important to me. To reload. To do other things. Work on this blog, or on my book. It’s one of the reasons that I work four days instead of five.


It’s a cliche, but your health is the most valuable in your life. I care for my body as well as possible. I eat as little as possible from packages. So I make the pasta sauce myself and is even much tastier then out of the pots.


In nature, I can reload after a busy period. I love to see the change of seasons…to enjoy the silence and the beauty of the trees, flowers, animals, and landscapes.


Dreaming…I am a real daydreamer. I can spend hours dreaming about living in Paris, to make beautiful travels, to see my second book published by a well-known publisher….a closet full of beautiful clothes, bags, and shoes….And a closet full of beautiful books….

Our home and especially this corner

Last week, we changed the interior in our living room a bit. We created a very cozy “reading” corner. A pot of tea and a good book, I am looking forward to it!


Each morning and afternoon, if it is not raining too much, I walk from the train station to my work. It’s a 20-minute walk and I really miss it when the weather is too bad.

More about the perfume

La Vie est Belle is a scent with the rarest and pure, natural ingredients. The pure extracts of iris, Arabic jasmine, orange blossom make heart nuts, pear and black currants give top notch La Vie est Belle her sweet fragrance while patchouli, praline, and vanilla provide the deeper root nut. This smell is exclusively for LancĂ´me developed by three leading French perfumers.

Which perfume brings back your memories?



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  1. Paris is number one! Walking in nature now that Autumn is coming is something that i love to do lately too. La Vie est Belle is such a beautiful perfume but my favorite one is Alien by Thierry Mugler, i first smell it at Sephora in Paris many years ago and this moment is always in my mind!
    Helene // Beautiful Is My Attire

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