10 Rules When I Buy New Clothes

10 Rules When I Buy New Clothes

10 Rules When I Buy New Clothes

Shopping…it can be a lovely thing to do but sometimes you are overwhelmed by the many shops, brands and trends. To make it more easy for you, I share my 10 rules when I buy new clothes.

  1. First thing I do is to check my wardrobe. Which clothes do I have the most? What do I miss? I love to check this first and create a shopping list to avoid bad bargains.
  2. I often shop during the early mornings, it’s less crowd.
  3. With a lovely cup of tea (link) I search for inspiration. Zalando, H&M, Pinterest, de Bijenkorf.., Vogue.fr
  4. I plan a day when I will shopping and where? Amsterdam? The Hague?
  5. I wear proper undergarments and shoes on my shopping day for a good view of your outfit.
  6. When I am shopping, I often make a “shopping” round to see what’s on sale and then I make decisions what I would like to buy. Quality is more important then quantity.
  7. When it’s “Sale” time I often buy the classic pieces: white tops, T-shirts,  jeans, bags, shoes, coats….
  8. I always plan a lunch between shopping, to rest my feet and to think about the purchases which I will make.
  9. I follow my intuition – if I have to talk myself into it, it’s not right, so then I pass.
  10. Enjoy shopping!

What’s your rule for buying new clothes?


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