10 Rules When I Buy New Clothes

10 Rules When I Buy New Clothes

10 Rules When I Buy New Clothes

Shopping…it can be a lovely thing to do but sometimes you are overwhelmed by the many shops, brands and trends. To make it more easy for you, I share my 10 rules when I buy new clothes.

  1. First thing I do is to check my wardrobe. Which clothes do I have the most? What do I miss? I love to check this first and create a shopping list to avoid bad bargains.
  2. I often shop during the early mornings, it’s less crowd.
  3. With a lovely cup of tea (link) I search for inspiration. Zalando, H&M, Pinterest, de Bijenkorf.., Vogue.fr
  4. I plan a day when I will shopping and where? Amsterdam? The Hague?
  5. I wear proper undergarments and shoes on my shopping day for a good view of your outfit.
  6. When I am shopping, I often make a “shopping” round to see what’s on sale and then I make decisions what I would like to buy. Quality is more important then quantity.
  7. When it’s “Sale” time I often buy the classic pieces: white tops, T-shirts,  jeans, bags, shoes, coats….
  8. I always plan a lunch between shopping, to rest my feet and to think about the purchases which I will make.
  9. I follow my intuition – if I have to talk myself into it, it’s not right, so then I pass.
  10. Enjoy shopping!

What’s your rule for buying new clothes?


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Darina Nykl


  1. My rules…
    Realise I need something
    Go to the shop
    But the first item matching needs
    Go home

    Yep.. guy shopping

  2. Je intuïtie volgen is een goede! Dat probeer ik ook altijd te doen. Mijn shopregel is vaak om het snel te doen 😉 Ik zie vaak in een paar minuten al of er in een winkel iets leuks hangt. Zo niet, dan ga ik snel weer verder naar de volgende winkel. Wat dat betreft winkel ik soms net als een man 😉
    Romy recently posted…Complimentjesregen | 9x een compliment aan jezelfMy Profile

  3. Love these rules! I totally agree with not buying something if you have to talk yourself into it. That typically means you’re wasting away your money when you could be spending it on something even better!

    Joanne | https://fung-shui.com

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