10 Reasons Why I Love Writing

10 Reasons Why I Love Writing

10 Reasons why I love writing

Reflection; look back at events and feelings

Writing about something that happened in the past can be very good  to handle it or the recall a good feeling of an event or happening that also took place.

Relaxed activity

Writing makes me calm down. To write down what is struggling me, is a very good exercise   to write about emotions that you can use for you characters.

Clarify matters

When you see your question/problem written down on a piece of paper, you can took another look on the problem.

Creating a world that is unreachable

This is one of the most important reasons why I love writing. I love to create a world around me that is unreachable at the moment, but it is lovely to write about it and let the character live the life I am dreaming of. (now I am talking about the character of my second book. Some characters live a life that I would not want to have!)

You can inspire people with your stories

That’s why I love writing so much. I love to inspire other people and I hope I do!

You can express your feelings

Previously I kept a diary for years in which I expressed all my feeling I had at the moment. It helped me to learn to express my feelings of happiness or sadness, that I use now in my stores. It is a very good exercise!

Do you want to read more about this subject. You can read about the writing process here and how to start writing your book here.

Happy writing!

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Darina Nykl


  1. Zo herkenbaar! Schrijven is inderdaad relaxt, en ik word er altijd zo rustig van! Daarnaast kun je inderdaad je gevoelens kwijt als je schrijft, en anderen inspireren vind ik ook geweldig om te doen!

  2. Dat wel Sunny, maar ik vind het juist dan prettig om me alleen op het schrijven te focussen, hoe geconcentreerd ik ook moet zijn om iets fatsoenlijks op papier te krijgen.

  3. Thank you Corinne. Writing is such a good thing to do when you want to describe your feelings, even when it's hard.

  4. Schrijven is heerlijk. Ik kan er soms ook heel hard om lachn want sommige mensen kunnen zulke grappig stukken schrijven. Maar meestal ben ik diep onder de indruk.

  5. Interesting post.Have never actually given a thought to why I love to write.Maybe following your example,I should. Might help to clarify my purpose for writing! I do know that for me,writing is an obsession.I can't say I enjoy writing;because it is hard work:as the words that come to my mind here is from late Truman Capote: "When God gives you a gift,he hands you a whip." What I cannot deny though,is that I find writing strangely fulfilling.

  6. Leuk om te lezen wat schrijven voor jou doet.

    Voor mij is het in mijn dagboek vooral een uiting van gevoel. Iets waar ik wel dieper mee aan de slag wil. Net als het schrijven van een boek.

    Ik zou heel graag een keer ergens in een cafe gaan schrijven maar dat is de volgende stap 🙂

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