10 reasons why I love Summer

10 reasons why I love Summer

10 Reasons why I love Summer

Yes, it’s summer! After a few days of rain, wind and cold, the sun shines again and makes me very happy! I will share my 10 reasons why I love summer!

I will tell you!


1. The days are longer. For me, there are not enough hours in a day. When the evenings are longer, you can spend more time outside. Wandering around late at night, go for a run, siting outside and watching the sunset.
2. The food is lighter. Salads, strawberries (I love them the most!), frapuccino’s, homemade lemonades,
3. Holidays! Wonderful It’s good to have some distance from daily routine and come back with a suitcase full of inspiration and holiday purchases 🙂
4. The relaxation. Strolls, holidays, beach, BBQ’s, the sense of joy
5. The clothes. Linen clothing, espadrilles, shorts, t-shirt, slippers, camisoles, I love them all.

10 reasons why I love Summer

6. The colors. The colour of the sea, the nature, everything looks more prettier
7. Hanging out on terraces watching people and listen to music
8. Icecream! Especially the flavors cocos and lemon.
9. The beach. I love the beach and especially the beach club vibes. The laziness 🙂 and collecting seashells and the sand between your toes!
10. Picnics. What’s nicer than enjoy your sandwiches and drinks in nature?
Do you love summer?

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