10 Best Packing Tips for Travelers

 10 Best Packing Tips for Travelers

10 Best Packing Tips for Travelers

For the people (and myself included) who always pack too much and always forget to pack that one essential thing, I share 10 best packing tips for packing your suitcase properly!

  • Make a packing list of things that you really should not forget to take with you.
  • Make sets and pack no “loose” items on your holiday address where you do not know how to cope with.
  • Mix & Match your daytime and evening outfits
  • Take a nice thin scarf which you can drape over your shoulders when it’s a little bit fresher during the evenings or during the flight.
  • Roll your clothes instead of folding. The clothes will wrinkle less.
  • Put socks, accessories and other small items in your shoes.
  • Put these shoes in a shoe bag so your clothes will not be dirty of the shoe soles.
  • Just choose clothes that you feel comfortable in. You’re going on holidays!
  • Leave room in your suitcase for holiday purchases.
  • Take a mini pack of your shampoo and bath foam and buy the rest at your holiday destination. Often when you visit the village/town you will find quite a drugstore or supermarket. Saves a lot of luggage weight!

In the plane, I always use a smaller bag where I put stuff in that I need during the flight, such as my e-reader, notebook, pen, etc.


10 best packing tips for travelers

Digital Tips for Packing

TripList is a very easy app to view all of your lists and you can easily see your packing progress. It is also possible to create lists automatically based on the activities you are going to do on holidays.
There is also a weather integration and you can also see which items you’ve packed already.

Did I forget something? Let me know in the comments.

Enjoy your holiday (and packing:))!

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